16 July 2014

Pleasures of the Porch

I love a porch. 

Small, large, front, back, screened, open. Read, nap, eat, sip, daydream, chat.
I love them all.

It used to be that front porches were used as a social tool before television and air conditioning drove us all inside. People sat outside and chatted to neighbors and passers-by.

Well, I admit I'm not much of a social butterfly; I actually hang curtains and arrange large plants in order to increase the privacy of the two porches, front and back, I am lucky enough to have.

Here's a peek~

back porch by nest + co

front porch peeking into my office

Here are a few more that I think are perfection. I noticed as I posted these that I am consistent in what I react to decor-wise: simply decorated, one or two over sized plants and/or topiary, often a bit of black.


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k. tharp design

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30 June 2014

Summer House

Just in time for the official start of summer....

Here is a little peek at a quintessential new england beach house my friend Kelly and I recently shot with our good friend and great photographer, Eric Roth.

interior design by Kelly McGuill Home
photos by Eric Roth
styled by Nest + Co (that's me)

Just a little peek I said! 

To see more (and you want to, you really do) 
or my website or click here to see the little feature story that Houzz did on the project.

Happy Summer!

24 June 2014

Outside Showers Bring.......




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04 June 2014


After many years of designing, styling, and photographing.....

Nest and Co has a website! 

I finally sat down to edit and organize years worth of photos, and designed a site that hopefully represents who I am as a designer; proud of my work, grateful that I get to do what I love every day, and careful to keep it all solidly in perspective.

Yes, the site is a marketing tool for my business, of course, but it is also, hopefully, an inspirational tool for the searchers, and my own personal flagpole on the moon.

Please visit!


01 April 2014

Moore is More!

door: breath of fresh air #806

While recently reading House Beautiful magazine, I came across some ads for Benjamin Moore Paints which had some drop dead beautiful photography and ridiculously genius photo styling. 

This is not a solicitation, I have not been hired by Benjamin Moore. I simply thought I'd share the pretty.

{After all, my blog is named after my Fav BM color......}

mt ranier gray 2129-60 and normandy 2129-40

breath of fresh air #806

breath of fresh air #806 and van buren green hc 120

flint af 560

breath of fresh air #806

nightingale af 670

wickham gray hc 171

19 March 2014

Scenes from a Designing Life

Hello! Too much time has passed since my last post, I know, I know.

Here are some pics to illustrate what I've been lucky enough to have been working on lately.

Styling holiday display windows for retail clients

Assisting Kelly Mcguill in styling print and television
 ads  for Boston Interiors  

Have you seen them yet?

Do they make you want to run out and buy buy buy?

Styling print ads for various clients, this one for 

Traveling to High Point Market in search of great finds for lucky clients

Yummy detail

Everything looks better in multiples

What? Just yes.

Interior Design by Nest + Company

And gathering photos of my work for my embarrassingly long overdue website, which is coming very very soon. 

So thanks for your continued views of a napping blog.........

30 October 2013

Styling a Television Commercial

Recently, I was lucky enough to be part of the styling production for a television commercial shoot for Boston Interiors. Kelly McGuill and I were tasked with taking these empty sets and making them into warm, inviting, and stylish rooms to be shot for both TV and print ads. Here is what the empty sets looked like.

We set about choosing pretty pieces from the Boston Interiors collection,  including furniture, carpets, and accessories. We added a few artistic props to give it individuality and a bit of pop. 

Then the TV production took over. Here are a few behind the scenes cell phone shots of the actors, the lights and cameras, and the action.

And below are the finished room shots. We are pretty proud of these. It's hard to imagine it is the same space as before, no?

(following photos all by Eric Roth Photography)