16 July 2014

Pleasures of the Porch

I love a porch. 

Small, large, front, back, screened, open. Read, nap, eat, sip, daydream, chat.
I love them all.

It used to be that front porches were used as a social tool before television and air conditioning drove us all inside. People sat outside and chatted to neighbors and passers-by.

Well, I admit I'm not much of a social butterfly; I actually hang curtains and arrange large plants in order to increase the privacy of the two porches, front and back, I am lucky enough to have.

Here's a peek~

back porch by nest + co

front porch peeking into my office

Here are a few more that I think are perfection. I noticed as I posted these that I am consistent in what I react to decor-wise: simply decorated, one or two over sized plants and/or topiary, often a bit of black.


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