about nest + company

A bird will use anything to feather the nest, regardless of its original function; a piece of string, a broken branch, bits of dried grass. Translated into home design, this fact conjures images of an old garden bench cleaned of rust and placed in the entry hall, now a place to put on shoes in the morning, or to pause at day's end. Or Grandpa's favorite chair, rescued from the attic and given new life with fresh fabric or a coat of new paint. Positioned at the head of the dining table, it is a way to welcome loved ones both old and new to a family meal.

Think of your shell collection freed from the plastic beach bucket and arranged atop the mantel, your personal alternative to the usual staid candlesticks and posed portraits. Atop the perfect new carpet, or alongside the sumptuous modern sofa, the style of your home is made uniquely yours. Whether set in a dream home built from scratch, or used in a new addition, or even as part of an existing home's face lift, these are the elements which define our design philosophy.

At Nest, the accepted notions do not apply. Country can be sophisticated, modern can be warm and inviting, traditional can be interesting. Good design is defined by individual style mixed with classic notes and a touch of the unexpected.

Nest was established in 2004 by interior designer Tracy Parkinson. Educated at Emmanuel College and the Rhode Island School of Design, she worked for nine years in the design business prior to opening her own firm. Her projects have included both residential and retail spaces.