15 March 2011

A pause...for Cocktail Recipe #1

When I first introduced my blog, I promised (warned?) that there may be an occasional pause for a good cocktail recipe. My friend/sister-in-law/surrogate mother/bestie/sistah-girlfren' Shauna is a natural, self taught mix master. Truly.
This one helped us celebrate day one of Spring Forward - sunset at 7:00 p.m!
What? Doesn't everyone celebrate that?

Note: This is not our Spring Forward. For some unknown reason I did not think to photograph it. Huh. But this sure is pretty!

The Spring Forward

Fill a 16 oz. glass with ice
Fill glass 1/4 full w vodka
Fill to 3/4 full w Polar Orange Dry soda
Add a healthy splash of lemon juice
Add a healthy splash of lime juice
Add a finishing splash of Cranberry juice
Garnish appropriately (or even inappropriately)

05 March 2011

A Little Fresh Air Would Do Wonders

These are the days when I begin to think about cracking open my windows and forcing the winter OUT of my house with fresh air - perhaps a tad early, but my patience is running thin,,,,,,