29 March 2013

Spring Forward

I am off to the Flower Market this morning for some flora and fauna for my Easter brunch tables. I am thinking flowering branches, and hyacinths placed in a bowl with some nice fresh green moss.
Here are some inspirations if you too are hosting a meal.

images via MS

Hi. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

26 March 2013

Bed Pillow Styling

Bed pillows. Something so comforting and inviting. And yet, it can be very difficult to choose and arrange them. You want them to look good by day. You don't want to spend inordinate time or energy removing them at night. Clean and simple? Full and abundant? Plain, or add a pattern? Lay them flat, or prop them up? It's exhausting, and you haven't been to bed yet.

Here is a handy little primer.

these via house beautiful.

Modernist: flat and perfectly stacked.

Trad with a twist: Propped, add a stripe.

Tailored: perfectly symmetrical.

Romantic: An exuberant array.

Bohemian: Tossed about, but coordinated.

I have spent enough time on photo shoots with a steamer to personally go for propped, with my vintage linen cases ('cause they look good slightly crumpled) and a long bolster. 

Here are a few more takes on it. 

 Ultimately, there are so many options because it is such an individual choice! So experiment, use these as a guide,  and find what works for you!

19 March 2013

Inspiration: Virtual vs Actual

Another snow day here in the northeast, and I am truly hanging by my last winter thread.
In an effort to hold on to my last shred of sanity, I've spent the last couple of days organizing my new home studio,  and adding bits and bobs to my extra large wall mounted inspiration boards. This way I can look at them, instead of out the window.

Anything that motivates, jogs a memory, has sentimental value, is funny, lovely, or weird in a good way goes up.

Virtual inspiration boards, namely on Pinterest, are of course the new way to collect inspiring images, items, quotes, and the rest. But I still love an Actual.

Here are some beauties:

via pinterest: lauren goodwin 
via pinterest: "inspire" by gina

via pinterest: jay ryu

via pinterest: bonnie tsang

via pinterest: mia mi

via pinterest: luisa brimble

15 March 2013

Planters With A Twist

This week I came across this photo, and went weak in the knees. Having just blogged about my love of old tubs, this one filled with luscious plantings in such a perfect palette, and on a screened porch?!? Be still my heart.

It got me thinking of other unique plant holders. Anything to avoid the plastic-supposed-to-look-like-terra-cotta world. IT DOESN'T. Don't fall victim.

It's probably a bit early for this post just yet. But a girl can dream about the spring she is beginning to believe will NEVER come, right?

an old electrical box!

loving this!

12 March 2013

Make it a Room: Number 2

 My friend who is a bride-to-be keeps sending me pics of the most amazing cakes! They are so beautiful and inspiring, proof that you can use anything as a jumping off point for your interiors.
So, continuing my blatant rip off of Domino Magazine, let's make this cake a room!

via pinterest: cake by sweet and sauce shop. photo by kaysha weiner

I took a few liberties with this one (since I know of no hard and fast rules in the world of making cakes into rooms). I used the image as a whole, not just the cake, since the green ground and wooden table help make the image so fab.
So, palette of white, gold, touches of green. Mix of metals, wood, something soft.

Here are some rooms that fit the bill!

via pinterest: be mine interior design
via pinterest: sandra morgan interiors
via pinterest: aimee wetmore 
interiors by my great friend and FANTASTIC designer Jill Goldberg of Hudson  in Boston. 
via pinterest: rosario perelez 
via pinterest: cornerstone interiors
via pinterest: for kids by debra

04 March 2013

Tub Luv

I recently came across this photo I took awhile back of a grouping of old claw foot tubs at a local salvage yard. I love a beautiful old tub, and these were just SO lovely. Most just needed a good cleaning and not much else to make them part of a new bath story.


The broken off feet looked to me like a little colony of feet people.
You don't see that? OK, maybe it's me.

On the same trip I had seen and instantly loved this copper tub wrapped in mahogany panelling. This would be so great in a modern, white tiled bath. sigh.

Which triggered yet another tub memory: years ago there was a Demi Moore movie called Passion of Mind, and I was obsessed with her character's New York apartment ~ it had a metal tub right in the middle of the living space ~ you can just  see it here in the alcove with the letters on the wall above it (another element I love). 

So, courtesy of all the memories,  here is some tub porn for you to peruse. Enjoy!

via pinterest: one t mat 
via pinterest: besotted brand

via pinterest: brittany price

via pinterest: jessica hogue

via pinterest: teri roughen

via pinterest: verena diehl

via pinterest: nicole baring

via pinterest: tanja gebhard