30 January 2013

You Make a Better Door.....

Continuing on the subject of doors (and then I'll stop, I promise!), I believe they are an opportunity in a design scheme that is often missed. Like ceilings and floors, painting doors (or papering, or stenciling) is a great way to inject that interesting, individual moment I am always preaching about. My interior doors are black, as are the additional images I've chosen here. But the sky is the limit with color! Try it! The good news is the repaint is quick and easy if you decide it isn't for you.

image: nest & co

image: nest & co

image: nest & co

image: decorpad.com 
image: manhattan-nest.com
image: pinterest via

23 January 2013

Make Room for Cake!

The late, great Domino Magazine (I really miss it!) used to have a monthly page which showcased something other than an interior, usually a great outfit, and then they would "translate" it into a room. Here's an example:

domino mag
domino mag
Recently, a close friend who is planning her wedding reception sent me this image of, in my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen. This cake is the confectionery equivalent of many things I love in design: restraint, calm, class, subtlety mixed with a fun, creative  individual moment.

image? please tell me if you know who made this spectacular cake!

SO I thought I'd try my own version of "Can this cake be made into a room?"

all images pinterest

Maybe I'll make "make it a room" an ongoing blog subject as an homage to Domino.
What do you think?

17 January 2013

Downton's Decorated Doors

While recently watching my obsession, Downton Abbey, I noticed that the doors between the downstairs and upstairs domain are quite interesting and beautiful:
Green Baize with the most unexpected nail head trim. Did a little research and learned that the doors were made to be obvious and noticeably different so that a servant did not accidentally enter a room through a non- service door. These great country houses had literally thousands of doors, can you even imagine? I have 4.

Anyway, it made me remember this door I saw in Martha Stewart Living some time ago
Everything old is new again, right?
via pinterest
via pinterest

14 January 2013

Winter Green

My Paperwhites are in bloom - so pretty! They bloom just when I begin to ache for something live and green in the depths of a northeastern winter.
Here is some Winter Green eye candy.

photo by me!

If you are blessed with a room full of windows......
image via Lonny Mag
A cloche to keep them warm and moist
image via pinterest

Sunny Windowsills 
images via pinterest

09 January 2013

OK Fine. A Giveaway.

Nest is offering as a Fresh Start / New YEar giveaway this fantastic burlap bag. Made by hand and one of a kind, it would make a terrific Farmers Market ( or regular market) bag, Beach Bag, Book Bag, Gym Bag, "Hey! Where did you get that bag?" Bag. It measures 20" long x 14" wide, has a soft linen lining and a wide comfy shoulder strap. I really don't know how you've lived without it all this time.

Ok people. I COULD say that I am offering a giveaway in the spirit of the season. Happy New Year, Peace on earth, etc etc.
What it really is: a bribe. Now, I know that more than 12 of you are reading my blog. Some of you I could name here - and I will, if you don't cooperate. You know who you are.
I have been stuck at 12 Followers since time began, and comments? Well, lets just say, you are a strangely quiet group. "Have you ever felt like you were standing in the middle of a crowded room screaming at the top of your lungs and no one even looks up?"
I love my original 12, I really do, you are the foundation on top of which my legions will stand. Brace yourselves!
To win the bag, please join White Dove as a follower, and please leave a comment on whatever subject you please; why you love the bag, why you love my blog, why you haven't joined before, why drivers refuse to use their turn signals. You too, original 12!! You've joined, now comment!
AND, if you can name the movie character I quoted with the "crowded room" line above, you can get an extra little surprise in your bag if you win. C'mon! Fun, right?
Thanks everyone!