30 August 2014

The Power of Paint

A few dramatic before and after pics of two rooms in a home newly purchased by clients.
We needed to brighten and lighten these dark, rather depressing rooms quickly (mere days till move-in) and as inexpensively as possible.

The answer is


White Paint

Before: The family room was a ghastly gold with heavy black accents.

After: A beautiful pale gray on the walls and white white white make an impressive improvement.

Before: A massive entertainment center came with the house. 

After: Behold the power of white paint.

We ripped up carpet and put down a lovely whitewashed hardwood.

Dark has it's place when done right. Anyone who knows me knows I love a dark painted door. We did all of the first floor doors in this great dark blue - green.
The molding stays white, so the door does not feel heavy.

Dark doors add visual interest and weight, and an opportunity to add an accent color to your palette.

Before: Wood cabinets in the kitchen.

After: White paint and new hardware are the first steps to a mini makeover that will also include new lighting and backsplash tile.



We decided on a lovely soft green accent color on the center island, for interest and to alleviate all the white since there is so much cabinetry in this kitchen.
The new hardware looks particularly pretty against the green.

I will post more on this kitchen re-do as it happens, since affordable mini makeovers are something many of you can do to freshen up a tired room without breaking the bank.