22 February 2012

Salvage Yard

Six months removed from the last Brimfield Show, and in need of some inspiration in the form of searching dusty shops for undiscovered treasure,  a friend and I recently took a drive to New England Demo and Salvage in New Bedford, MA.

This is the front door. I'm not kidding. While some would shy away, my heart goes pitter patter.  Oh! the treasures to be found.

 I was looking for an old door to replace the boringly typical Home Depot door that leads to my laundry room.

Ok. This is just ONE of several mile long corridors holding doors of every size and description culled from old houses, schools, offices.

Here's an example. Aren't these simply beautiful? Painted, with some fab hardware and you have a spectacular design element. These were $250.00!!!!!! Come on.

Here's the beauty that will come home with me. The glass has begun to oxidize a bit. Yum. Painted black and perhaps stenciled with the word "Laundry". I'll post the completed look when finished! This solid old door was less than $100.00.

This mantel had these wonderful old blue and cream tiles still attached.

There is something hauntingly beautiful (at least to me) about row upon row of tubs and pedestal sinks. So lovely, so evocative of another age.

Some need to be re-porcelained, Others only need to be cleaned!


And the payoff. The piece that made the whole trip worth it. This spectacular Edwardian copper tub with a carved mahogany surround.

I think I hear angels singing. I think I may weep just a little. Did I mention it is COPPER?

I would put this in a master bedroom, like this:

Image: Domino Magazine