16 March 2012

Reality Check

I thought I would share some "before" and "during" pics of a current project I am working on. I think it's important to include real life design on my blog, in addition to the fantasy pictures we all drool over and dream about. This project includes some outside-the -box design choices, such as wallpapered ceilings, painted floors, and a few others. I will post the "after" when it is complete!

Two shots of the Living Room before. Very traditional, a bit dated and not at all reflective of the young, energetic family who lives here.
We are on our way! A beautiful BM paint color, "Gray Mirage" on the walls, and a fabulous grass cloth wallpaper on the back of the bookcases. The same grass cloth covers this custom made console destined for the finished room:

Here is the Dining Room before:

Again, very dated, too full of items so that the beautiful old architecture (the house is 300 years old!)
and the original pine floors cannot be seen or enjoyed.

Here is the wallpapered ceiling. Not much else done in here yet, but stay tuned. The floor has been stained a custom color (no pic yet) and those dark beams will be painted out. A surprise on the walls...
I'll keep you updated! Let me know what you think......