19 December 2014

Photo Styling Before, During, and After

 I am lucky enough to be part of the team who designs the sets for  the Boston Interiors television commercials and print ads.

I try to take pics for blog posts when we are shooting, but most of the time it is just such a whirlwind of activity, with tight time constraints; stopping to take some phone pics is not feasible.

I was recently on the Boston Interiors website and saw that they had some great photos up on their blog of some of our recent shoots.
In particular, they have some great before and after's. I think they illustrate nicely how to build up a well designed room from nothing. 
Same rules apply for your rooms!

I thought it might also be interesting for you to look behind the scenes. See if you can recognize some of the rooms you now see in the tv commercials or print ads!

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I mention photographer Eric Roth very frequently and with much admiration. 
Here is the man himself. 
For some reason, most people who work behind cameras do not like to be in front of them.

I am no exception to that rule. I stay hidden behind the light filters at all times. ;)

This is a great shot of the styling team. 
How many stylists does it take to make a bedspread look camera perfect? 
Evidently four.
I believe we were pinning it. I know we were cranky. It was not behaving.

Here are some Before /After's: