28 February 2011

Georgia On My Mind

Sometimes you find yourself part of an environment that perhaps you would not choose for your "real" life, but that you can appreciate none-the-less - such is Sea Island Georgia. Never, really NEVER, has a place I have been to forced so much luxury down your gullet. Our Blogstress Tracy would need salts in an ecru, linen, handkerchief to keep her upright as she l-o-v-e-s the refinement and grace of the Old South. I was a little creeped out that the maids (maids, not housekeeping engineers) wore hats and petticoats. This clearly was a dream design job as the budget appears to have been in the unlimited range. Oh, good lord can you imagine??? Even the toilet at the pool was from Waterworks! It so could have been Kholer or Toto, but, no, EVERYTHING had to be top of the line. I imagine meetings were spent with the owners saying, "But how can we spend more? Think! Think!" The designer replies "Uh, well...I guess we could pave the roads by hand????"

And so they did.......

I appreciate little details like designing a beverage station that makes me want to drink water.

And big details that make me want to swim laps.

They took the time to bring in a rain forest for guests waiting for spa treatments....

but decided to have fun where required.

Really, no expense was spared, and it shows.

The Lobby

The Solarium

If anyone knows who was responsible for this design extravaganza please let me know. I am wondering if they have any clients they'd like to pass along.

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