16 February 2011

Wish You Were There

Oftentimes, when a person excitedly tells you they can't WAIT to show you their vacation photos you may be tempted to run quickly into oncoming traffic. Perhaps I speak only for myself, but there have been too many times when I have felt held hostage over a stack of pictures of little Brody and Harper at Disney, or the oceanside family reunion - "This is the beach. Here is another one of the beach. This is granny at the beach. This is the beach on Wednesday. This was the beach but my thumb got in the way.." Agggggh!!!!

So, I hope you know that when I tell you I want to share vacation photos with you they are a-typical. You need not fret. Unlike normal people I am completely enamored with the design environment I am suddenly thrust into and my photographic collection reflects this. Take a tour with me. First stop..The Cayman Islands.

The Locker Room at the Ritz-Carlton. Now THIS makes me want to work out. The white, lacquered, lockers made me weep.

The Master Bath. To the right, enclosed in glass, is the shower.

To the left.... The "facilities". I love that they carried the mosaic throughout

The Powder Room light fixture. Fun and whimsical without being tacky. THIS is how you do "beach" people!!!!!!! Not a wicker basket of shells to be found.

The Beach Cabana. This outdoor room is fitted with music of your liking, snacks, cold drinks, and a foot bath so you don't drag all that gritty sand into your queen-size lounger bed. What a way to live. I think this is bigger than my first apartment.

See, that wasn't so painful! Next stop...Italia!


Kelly McGuill said...

the cayman islands sound sooooo good right now....let's book it...xo, kelly

My House, My Garden said...

Oh, I wish I were there, too! Cannot wait for summer to arrive. I just found your blog. Very nice! I look forward to following you.
I just recently did a post about my favorite vacation spot also. I love seeing others' secret spots!
Mine is in Cabo:

A Perfect Gray said...

my stars. those lockers!