30 November 2012

Shopping Season

If you live in the Norwood, MA area, be sure to check out all of the new vintage and antique shops which have taken over the old warehouses on Endicott St.
Some of them have great stuff for great prices, and it is marvelous to see these big beautiful lofty warehouse spaces being used again! A great place to pick up a unique gift or two!

Nest will have a booth at Vintage Thymes, which is open once a month for 3 days.
The next market weekend is Friday Dec 7th thru Sunday December 9th. Shop vintage! Save the World.

And if you cannot make it to the market and have interest in any of the items you see pictured - like my FAB burlap Farmers Market Bags!!! - please let me know! Call, email, or leave a comment.
Boy, would a bag like that make a GREAT gift, or what?!

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