23 January 2013

Make Room for Cake!

The late, great Domino Magazine (I really miss it!) used to have a monthly page which showcased something other than an interior, usually a great outfit, and then they would "translate" it into a room. Here's an example:

domino mag
domino mag
Recently, a close friend who is planning her wedding reception sent me this image of, in my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen. This cake is the confectionery equivalent of many things I love in design: restraint, calm, class, subtlety mixed with a fun, creative  individual moment.

image? please tell me if you know who made this spectacular cake!

SO I thought I'd try my own version of "Can this cake be made into a room?"

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Maybe I'll make "make it a room" an ongoing blog subject as an homage to Domino.
What do you think?

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