12 January 2012

Display Your Everyday

I know it is a bit of a cliche to talk about organization at the start of a new year. Still, even though I am by nature a very organized person, I delight in looking at images like these. As it relates to design, if space is an issue as it is for so many of us, storage may have to be visible, and therefore visually pleasing.  Here are some ideas:

Who says you must have drawers  and cabinets for everything?
The everyday item can look quite good displayed, especially in multiples.
Photo: Country Home  

Again, if you are not blessed with endless cabinets, display the everyday!
It helps also to keep like with like and colors or finishes similar.
Photo: Country Home

I imagine that all of the small items that can be put into these bins, if kept in their packaging and put in a drawer or closet, would use up 10 x the space.

Ah. Tricia Foley. I worship and adore her.  Everyday items: paper towels, soap bars,
dish soap and laundry detergent. Decanted into pretty vessels and grouped into
multiples, maybe a pretty label and ....perfection.  ! I'd never close the door.
Photo: Country Home

And Martha. Oh, Martha, These are photos of the inside of her various
kitchen drawers. Seriously.
Photo: Martha Stewart Living

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