26 March 2013

Bed Pillow Styling

Bed pillows. Something so comforting and inviting. And yet, it can be very difficult to choose and arrange them. You want them to look good by day. You don't want to spend inordinate time or energy removing them at night. Clean and simple? Full and abundant? Plain, or add a pattern? Lay them flat, or prop them up? It's exhausting, and you haven't been to bed yet.

Here is a handy little primer.

these via house beautiful.

Modernist: flat and perfectly stacked.

Trad with a twist: Propped, add a stripe.

Tailored: perfectly symmetrical.

Romantic: An exuberant array.

Bohemian: Tossed about, but coordinated.

I have spent enough time on photo shoots with a steamer to personally go for propped, with my vintage linen cases ('cause they look good slightly crumpled) and a long bolster. 

Here are a few more takes on it. 

 Ultimately, there are so many options because it is such an individual choice! So experiment, use these as a guide,  and find what works for you!

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