19 March 2013

Inspiration: Virtual vs Actual

Another snow day here in the northeast, and I am truly hanging by my last winter thread.
In an effort to hold on to my last shred of sanity, I've spent the last couple of days organizing my new home studio,  and adding bits and bobs to my extra large wall mounted inspiration boards. This way I can look at them, instead of out the window.

Anything that motivates, jogs a memory, has sentimental value, is funny, lovely, or weird in a good way goes up.

Virtual inspiration boards, namely on Pinterest, are of course the new way to collect inspiring images, items, quotes, and the rest. But I still love an Actual.

Here are some beauties:

via pinterest: lauren goodwin 
via pinterest: "inspire" by gina

via pinterest: jay ryu

via pinterest: bonnie tsang

via pinterest: mia mi

via pinterest: luisa brimble

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