12 March 2013

Make it a Room: Number 2

 My friend who is a bride-to-be keeps sending me pics of the most amazing cakes! They are so beautiful and inspiring, proof that you can use anything as a jumping off point for your interiors.
So, continuing my blatant rip off of Domino Magazine, let's make this cake a room!

via pinterest: cake by sweet and sauce shop. photo by kaysha weiner

I took a few liberties with this one (since I know of no hard and fast rules in the world of making cakes into rooms). I used the image as a whole, not just the cake, since the green ground and wooden table help make the image so fab.
So, palette of white, gold, touches of green. Mix of metals, wood, something soft.

Here are some rooms that fit the bill!

via pinterest: be mine interior design
via pinterest: sandra morgan interiors
via pinterest: aimee wetmore 
interiors by my great friend and FANTASTIC designer Jill Goldberg of Hudson  in Boston. 
via pinterest: rosario perelez 
via pinterest: cornerstone interiors
via pinterest: for kids by debra

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