04 March 2013

Tub Luv

I recently came across this photo I took awhile back of a grouping of old claw foot tubs at a local salvage yard. I love a beautiful old tub, and these were just SO lovely. Most just needed a good cleaning and not much else to make them part of a new bath story.


The broken off feet looked to me like a little colony of feet people.
You don't see that? OK, maybe it's me.

On the same trip I had seen and instantly loved this copper tub wrapped in mahogany panelling. This would be so great in a modern, white tiled bath. sigh.

Which triggered yet another tub memory: years ago there was a Demi Moore movie called Passion of Mind, and I was obsessed with her character's New York apartment ~ it had a metal tub right in the middle of the living space ~ you can just  see it here in the alcove with the letters on the wall above it (another element I love). 

So, courtesy of all the memories,  here is some tub porn for you to peruse. Enjoy!

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