12 July 2013

Brimfield in July

Brimfield is back, and I recently spent the day trolling for goodies. The weather alternated between sunny and 95 degrees with 95% humidity, and raining and 95 degrees with 100% humidity. It wasn't pretty. Nor was I.  But these things were!

Maybe she isn't "disturbed". Maybe she is just REALLY hot and sweaty.

Beautiful vases. Great in a grouping.

Wonderful counter stools: love the backs. 
I've seen many of these wire planters, but never this big!
Hmmm. Can we somehow make it into a bench?

Pretty wings: these would look great on a wall. 
Some kind of sports scoreboard: I love that the numbers go backwards. This would be so great on a porch wall or in a boy's room or a man cave.
Vintage French club chair is perfect and timeless. The wall of suitcases is just genius display. EVERYTHING looks better in numbers.
I wonder who E. Watts was? Does he have anything for me to drink?
These pendant lights were amazing. Perfect for a kitchen. 

This was an "initiation" horse from some organization like Shriners or Elks or something. I don't really want to know, do you?
This was my favorite piece of the day. An antique dental cabinet. metal, sandblasted to a nice clean shine. The sheer numbers of drawers and the details!!! I needed it bad. Real bad. 
The drawers pulled out like so. I can't even deal.
Vintage Cherner chairs, 1950's. Beautiful, but priced accordingly. 
FANTASTIC vintage sign. I need some of what it's selling to get over the dental cabinet. 
The prettiest metal and glass chandi. Perfect size, perfect mix of glam and slam, not too frou frou
Chandi detail. 
Gorgeous copper sconces. Great price. 
Perfectly cruddy chairs. 
What wouldn't I do with this cart? A bar cart, a bathroom caddy, a bedside table, a kitchen storage piece, an entry catch-all. Yummy.

All in all a good day! If you didn't get to go, next show is in September. See you there? If you can't go and need someone to shop for you, contact me, I'm your girl!

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