09 July 2013

The Cobbler's Children.....Part Two

Below, I have re-posted an entry I made WAY back, about a small personal project - transforming a family heirloom into a bench for my bedroom.
Resolutely proving that I am great at getting these things done for clients, but not so much for myself, I have only JUST finally completed this tiny undertaking. I can (and have) design entire homes faster than this!
Here is the finished look:

The original post (see below) has the info on the where's and why's, but it was all done with items I already had.

A close up of the pillows, which I had made out of vintage French kitchen towels.
(again, see them in their original state below)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ORIGINAL POST~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

OK. Time to pause and take care of some practicalities. I have several projects that need doing around the house that Nest built, and since my own favorite blog postings to follow are those that center around real life projects, I thought I'd follow suit. Plus making them public will motivate me to finish them up!
Sometimes when you've spent your day ordering pillows and hanging pictures, while unarguably a lovely way to spend the day, it is difficult to then spend your off time doing it for yourself.

So here is small project #1. This "bench" in my bedroom (actually it is my mother's hope chest - a priceless heirloom, emotionally speaking). I had a slipcover made for it out of a bed skirt I already owned, and purchased a seat cushion for it at Pier One Imports.

Now, it needs finishing up. Pillows, a small rug in front, and something hanging on the wall behind.

I own 6 of these fabulous vintage French hand towels - purchased several years ago in Paris. I think they will make amazing pillows. They each have a small faded red monogram which perfectly compliments the simple red detail in the slipcover, and a little fabric loop in the corner which has great design detail potential.

I have two thoughts on a small area rug; either a lambs wool, or a striped Dash + Albert. Maybe both, and I'll switch them out summer and winter?

For the wall, I have 4 of these beautiful seaweed prints, purchased at Brimfield. Four others already hang elsewhere in the room, and I do like the thought of repeating them here. Already simply framed in glass clip frames, they await hanging. Easier said than done in a 100 year old house with horse-hair plaster walls.

So! Off go the towels to be transformed by my talented pillow guru. Off I go to order some rug samples.
I'll share the final results in a bit. Keep peeking in!


kelly mcguill said...

I can't wait to see your projects when they are finished..xo, kelly o so d blog

Dawn Royster said...

Wool rug. Pains me to say this as I am mostly vegan. I like that it would be unexpected. You know me....