17 June 2013

Vintage Letters

I have had a cache of these wonderful old letters stashed away for some time now, and recently decided to find a way to use/display them. They are a series of letters written by a mother, who lives in France, to her grown daughter, who lives in West Roxbury. They span most of the 1880's and are so lovely - daily chat about her Parisian life, Christmas greetings, sketches of her garden, etc.

I thought I'd try using them as wallpaper on the wall under my Dining Room mantle piece.

I was not sure if I had enough when I first spread them out.

But it turned out I had exactly the right amount to overlap them as I wanted to, to give it a more three dimensional quality.

I think I like it! I may have to change the mantle display now, though. Maybe a bit busy...

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